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I have been given conflicting advice in relation to the date by which travel must be completed, which I now understand to be December 31 2023!! That is always assuming there is a flight/fare that's eligible for use within the Travel bank conditions..and at peak periods there are virtually none available.

My main concern however is that there does not appear to be any groundswell of opinion trying to persuade Virgin to match the policy of completing the itinerary by December 2024 ..Maybe the lawyers running the recently announced Class action against Qantas will expand their focus ??


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The Virgin flight redemption is much easier to use than the Qantas one, and they dont try to gouge you on the airfares for your new ticket in the same way.

Thats why the lawyers and the ACCC have chased Qantas. The Qantas system is basically deliberately designed from the outset to frustrate your legitimate attempts at redemption.

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