• ET reports QF 'teasing' lounge upgrades because, as usual, QF is not yet actually planning on doing anything. It will be years before any of these 'teased' upgrades come to fruition.Hasnt the QF PR department worked out yet that we are all now on to the con? Marketing spin and big announcements, ...

  • The author of the article has forgotten to warn readers to NEVER go into the toilet on one of those 717s. Its old and dirty and not properly cleaned. The QantasLink 717s really are past their used by date, everyone who has had to travel on them knowns this.

  • For domestic travel, VA is now the clear leader. The price on VA more accurately reflects what you are going to get, and in my personal experience these last 5 weeks or so the VA flights are on time whereas the QF flights are not. As one forum member noted above, QF loyalty is actually a two...

  • I am going to do it. Earned my QF Plat on the basis of actual flying, all domestic. Have been trying VA these last 3 weeks, at my usual flight times, and in 8 flights with VA in that 6 weeks not a single one has been delayed. How much better is that!!!

  • If you fly regularly at the moment, and QF cannot seem to get close to running on time even occasionally, such that you are always late and always held up, week after week, and the QF CEO says the delays are your fault for not being 'match fit', then who really cares about status renewal or a sin...

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  • Qantas wins CHOICE Shonky Award

    Nov 03, 2022, 07:55 AM

    CHOICE is the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia. It is independent and member funded. From time to time I buy their magazine, its got useful stuff comparing performance of various products and prices, and it also assists ordinary people to know their rights as consumers and how to enfo...

  • Lifetime Platinum

    Oct 28, 2022, 05:02 PM

    Originally Posted by born2fish I am also LTG and bounce between Plat / P1, but I have also given up on QF due in part to the unrealistic LTP goal that really doesn't offer me anything I value. I get into the lounge based on ticketed class of travel anyway, regardless of any status. After repeated...

  • Platinum One

    Oct 28, 2022, 05:00 PM

    As a Plat One you will be delayed just as frequently and as often as a Plat. And the Sydney Business Lounge will be just as tired and dated and cramped (there is no new or special areas reserved for Plat One).Why go out of your way chasing more SCs in order to obtain those 'benefits'?(I have been...

  • Lifetime Platinum

    Oct 17, 2022, 06:10 PM

    Nalanji: ’ve also learned that airlines come and go, life happens and what made sense now may not make sense a few years down the track.That rings very true. I am also LTG, and I dont fly QF at all any more and no longer have any brand loyalty there.

  • That is correct XWu, I dont have checked baggage each week, so I have been able to avoid the whole 'baggage fiasco' fortunately.

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