Qantas A330 WiFi probably won't happen

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With Qantas now looking to replace their A330s in the next four or five years, it is entirely possible that they will never get fitted with WiFi. Qantas is basically a decade behind their competition having mucked around for years waiting for an international system that meets their needs and when it comes along, you'd expect it will now only be the 787s andA380s that receive it. Even now, there is no clear timeframe on when an international WiFi system will be selected.

With some of the A330-200s pretty much dedicated to domestic and Tasman services apart from the odd hop to Jakarta, Manila or Singapore, it is amazing they didn't fit the same SkyMuster system as operates on the 737s to that subfleet.


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Ummm…. Not sure what you are on about. Qantas’ A330s have had wifi on domestic routes for years.


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Wifi is on all A330-200's. It's the 300's that are missing it. Only problem with the direction Qantas took is they went with Skymuster, which only has coverage over Australia. Often drops out over the bight on trips to Perth too.


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The WiFi installed on A332s is only activated on domestic services even though many international services operated by the same A332s to places like DPS, CGK and SIN spend over half the flight time over the Australian continent where Skymuster coverage is available.


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Of course they wont spend the money to upgrade it for international. Its QF, remember? (So sorry to say this after so many years, but its just true).



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It’s not switched on on international A332 services and isn’t on the 333s. The 789s and 388s don’t have the infrastructure. Yet another respect in which the Qantas fleet is a decade (or more) behind where it should be.

It’s kind’ve odd that the Qantas Board and financial press think Joyce is such a great CEO. He’s only been able to generate profits and collect enormous bonuses by deferring vast amounts of capex over his tenure. He’ll sail off into the sunset a very wealthy man in the next couple of years and his successor will be left to hold the can on his underinvestment in the fleet, wifi and things like lounges for years to come.

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