• The world still needs airfreight and the dedicated airfreight fleets are not going to be enough. I think we will see more and more empty passenger planes being used to transport freight. Especially to Australia where sea freight takes so long. We have lost a massive amount of airfreight capacity,...

  • Wow! International is understandable, but 60% for domestic is surprising. Really must be dire out there.

  • Mar 04, 2020, 12:54 PM

    Getting to the point where we may need a table showing flights that are actually still running. Instead of flights cancelled

  • Yes, that's correct

  • While you can't link the lounge vouchers to the T1 lounge on the Qantas site, you can link them to T4 instead and still gain entry to the T1 lounge. I provided a couple vouchers to friends before a Jetstar. They said they didn't have any issues and saw others gaining entry in the same fashion