Qantas 'Thank you' FFpoints or Status Credits

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Well, I got the email, and after checking the fine print to make sure the status credits accrue to the lifetime total, that is the option I am going for, as I will easily make my SC total by my anniversary date.

The fact that I am closing in on 900,000 FF points and upgrades seemingly are non existent to use said points, is definitely a factor in my decision.

Being a bit of a stat nerd, I was interested that the email quoted that I had flown 118,447 in the timeframe of the offer. Paltry stats to some of you I am sure, but if it gifts me 75 SC's, then I am just as happy.

EDIT: Ironically, I just checked my Monday flight to LAX and discovered my upgrade was successful. Colour me shocked!


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I went the other way and took the meagre FF points offering. Neither are of any real value to me. I have a stack of points that are very hard to use and the SCs offered wont help me to keep my Platinum that expires in 3 days. I already have LTG and will never have enough SCs to get to LTP.


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Qantas is in PR damage control and the cracks are appearing all around them. The meagre offer was barely worth the paper its written on. Reward flights are harder than ever to get and upgrades as mentioned before are non existent. You can't even spend the points if you tried.

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