Contact details to resolve Frequent Flyer issue dating back to May

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Does anyone have any tips or contact details for Qantas outside the QFF phone line and email.

My wife is owed Double Status credits for flights dating back to May 2023. We have provided email confirmation of registering for double status. Which Qantas have recognised and added for two flights and then started taking away random bonus points instead.

We have made multiple calls since May with each member recognising Qantas is at fault and promise call backs and they never call, provide the status credits she’s owed. The last time they reckon it’s an issue with there systems not allowing any crediting on the account.

Additionally there are no Australian based agents to speak to anymore which is frustrating as I felt issues were resolved far quicker.

Is there another option to try, I’ve even tried FB Messenger and it took them 10 hours to reply and just said email them.


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I've had success in the past through involving the Airline Customer Advocate (Google it ... my attempts at posting the link have been thwarted), although that was pre-Covid. Good luck ...

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