• Should there be a change to earning/attainment rates for SC it'll be interesting to see when this would be phased in and if based on calander year or financial year for any implimentation.

  • I recently used the lounge and was happy with it, although until the noodle bar opened at 17:30 other food offerings weren't great. They even have a Qantas representative at the front desk and the number of Qantas flyers made up the greater portion of guests. An interesting point was that to get ...

  • Average wait time for refund

    Apr 29, 2020, 08:20 AM

    Morning, Was just enquiring as to what most people's average wait time has been when requesting a refund? It was prior to Covid-19 about 14 days. Poor finance guys must be getting smashed

  • Originally Posted by Red Cee I got the same E Mail ALO126 received, strangely, my wife didn’t get any. Having said that, it didn’t have a link attached to register. Does anyone know how I can register, as I am ready to make some bookings. Hi, just follow the link to register at the b...

  • Booking US domestic flights

    Sep 06, 2018, 04:56 PM

    If you fly out of JFK you can also access the better AA lounges. I also once did a multi-leg flight with AA, and goin gfirst/business was aonly $100 more and l reaped a hell of a lot more status credits. Just take a photo of all you AA boarding passes, but generally AA is really quick in loading ...

  • I've learnt after having problems with LAN within South America not crediting points and credits a few time is to always take a photo of my boarding passes, even extend this to AA these days even though they're pretty good.

  • Lounge options South Africa

    Aug 14, 2018, 08:50 AM

    Thanks for the feedback, yeah l got the impression there were options but not that great. I though there was an Emirates lounge but not completely sure on its hours.