• Should there be a change to earning/attainment rates for SC it'll be interesting to see when this would be phased in and if based on calander year or financial year for any implimentation.

  • I recently used the lounge and was happy with it, although until the noodle bar opened at 17:30 other food offerings weren't great. They even have a Qantas representative at the front desk and the number of Qantas flyers made up the greater portion of guests. An interesting point was that to get ...

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  • Originally Posted by KW72 Some flights are close to normal.But be careful if flying on QF11 and on the A380. This is not refurbished (very old seats) and there is no entertainment for 15 hours. They still haven't fixed the entertainment? Was the same aboard QF12 on the 16th

  • I went through at the start of December and I was through customs in 15mins. Was crazy how quickly we got through. The killer was the security clearance into the domestic terminal, took about 40 mins.

  • Yes, the true sweetener is the points and status credits.

  • Hi, Does anyone know when QANTAS distribute the bonus points and status credits for their health insurance? It's been a couple of weeks now since the promotion hit the 60 day period and nothing seen yet.

  • Sydney to Argentina via Santiago

    Oct 29, 2021, 10:17 AM

    I was looking for flights next year to Santiago, some insane cheap classic rewards in business via the states. was under 200k points and only $200 odd in taxes. that was with AA and LAN if l remember correctly. But l think l saw on QANTAS they were looking at a March/April 2022 start

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