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Hi all. Looking for some tips and suggestions. Currently a QF plat but thinking to add an alternative status/tier with Star Alliance. Here is my user profile:

  • AU to UK+EU (each trip) a few times a year using business class
  • Includes a few internal EU sectors on business class each trip, usually on LH or OS

Options I've considered but maybe there are other ideas:

  • Miles & More (maximising flying on LH/LZ/OS)
  • Kris Flyer (maximising flying on SQ)

I have researched tiers a bit and realise that some flights will qualify and some won't, on the other partner's tiers and vice versa. What is the tips, pros and cons of any of these, and any other suggestions, to get to say equivalent of Gold or Plat, in say 2 trips?

Have at it people! :)


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My 5 cents worth: checkout if Aegean Miles and Bonus would suit you.

Many years ago I was Senator in Miles and More, was quite easy to keep status with a couple of Oz-Europe trips per year on LX, with Zurich my locus of travel. Senator has quite a few nice perks including better lounges in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Was fairly easy to redeem intra-Europe flights

Over the years moved slowly to Qantas, due to different travel pattern (Helsinki based), plus Qantas points don’t expire if you have a connected credit card adding points. Credit card connections with Star in Australia are almost nil.

A while ago, Miles and More moved to a “value of ticket” way of allocating points rather than miles flown, we abandoned them at that point, especially with a weak A$, by the time a fare was converted to Euros the number of points was much reduced compared to before. Seemed to be quite a devaluation. Not sure if they are still using this system.

Other thing, Miles and More points expire after 36 months of no activity, and Singapore points after 18 months. But maybe not an issue for you if travelling on a Star airline every year.

Since retiring and the aftermath of Covid, we are now alliance agnostic. With a need for intra-Europe flights still, we signed up with Aegean Airlines. Their points don’t expire. Redemption seems easy - last month had a Vienna - Zurich flight in biz for two on Austrian using Aegean points - there was plenty of choice of flights when booking. Have driven points into Aegean flying EVA air, Austrian, Lufthansa, Swiss, Aegean.

Had the need to call Aegean twice in Athens at the beginning, prompt answers and resolutions both times. They are pretty nice to fly on too.


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PS to be exact, Miles and More points don't expire if you maintain Silver status....ergo a certain amount of activity

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