Virgin Australia multi-city flight bookings

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Hi. Can anyone tell me why Virgin Australia don't seem to have the capacity to let you book mulit-city domestic and/or international flights on their website? The only way to do this is to call the guest contact centre. Surely, since they've recently upgraded their reservations system this is something they could do? Cheers.


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Good question, I've wondered the same thing!


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Because their IT department are working on more important things at the moment? They have to work on supporting things for their staff on the ground as well as on their website...

I know that I'd prefer them to have everything bedded down to provide smoother before they get around to making booking slightly easier.


That said, if you do want to make a multi-city booking through Virgin online right now, try an online 3rd-party booking site, such as statravel ( or orbitz (.com) -- it won't cost you any more.

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