CX Flights on QFF.

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CX Flights on QFF.

Hi guys,

I have just returned on a trip to Asia flying QF MEL to HKG, CX HGK SIN and QF SIN MEL. Both by QF legs are showing in my QFF account (as expected) but the CX leg which was flown on the 17th of July still hasn't shown up. I have made a claim of the QF website today but now very happy given my FF number and status were shown on the CX boarding pass.

Has anyone else had any problems with CX flights being credited/how long does it take?

Many thanks


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I am pretty sure it does state on the Qantas FF website, that points from partner airlines may take a few weeks to show up on your account.


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Hi Nick CX posts points to partner airlines once a week on Tuesdays. You should see the points of your July 17th flight in your account Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. If your CX flight is on a Monday you are lucky that you get the points almost straight away, if it is Tuesday or later, you have to wait (at most a week).


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Patience! Qantas says to allow 14 days with partner airlines, which seems reasonable to me given the multiple computer systems that have to work with each other.


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I believe you have to allow up to 6 weeks for those points to be credited, although my experiences with CX is that it will take no more than 2 weeks!


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Hi Mate, I flew cx recently and it took on average 1 week after the qantas points. Also no cx has some sneaky fares which do not attract points. Cheers

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