Paying for Airport Upgrades on EK.

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Paying for Airport Upgrades on EK.

Hi guys i will be travelling from Rome to Mel via DXB on EK and QF. Just wondering if anyone has been able to buy an upgrade on EK


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With EK, assuming your flights aren't sold out and you're not a Gold/Plat member in either cases you might get an operational upgrade one one or more flights, there are 2 options to upgrade:

- At check in you will have to pay the fare difference along with any penalty or fees and have your ticket reissued. Unlike BA or EY, EK does not have upgrade buy ups offered at check in.

- On board EACH flight, you could request a cash upgrade. This applies to EVERY sector of your journy. So for example if you're flying FCO-DXB-SIN-MEL, you will have to pay three separate upgrades any where north of 1500USD EACH. That's assuming of course economy to business. The rate from business to first is a bit dearer.

If you've saved up Skywards miles, are silver, gold or platinum, and there is space in the higher cabin then you could also request an upgrade using miles. I am not sure however whether this applies if your ticket is issued on QF stock (ie it says QF8xxx instead of EKxxx).

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