Transfer in DXB (SQ-FZ).

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Transfer in DXB (SQ-FZ).

Hi everyone. Hope someone can me here as my work travel agents can't give me any straight forward answers.

I'm soon travelling MEL-SIN-DXB on SQ, and then need to transfer to a FZ flight on to KBL.

When I check in at MEL, does anyone know if my bags will be checked through all the way to KBL? FZ also appears to operate on a prepaid luggage system, so I'm not sure if I should pay for luggage direct to FZ before I fly?

Or, if my luggage is not tagged all the way to KBL, I guess I have to collect it in DXB. Would that mean I need to clear customs and immigration into the UAE before checking in to my FZ flight to KBL?

If I do need to collect my luggage and head to check in myself in DXB, what's the best way to transfer from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2? I'll be hauling hand luggage along with a couple of big suitcases!

Thanks for any help, it's been annoying not being able to get any answers from our travel agent!


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No, I don't believe SQ and FZ interline, so you'll need to collect your luggage at DXB and check in to your FZ flight, which also means you'll need to clear immigration.


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Get a new travel agent. 

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