Another QF cutback?

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Another QF cutback? I recently went on QF flt ADL-DWN on a 767 in J. Nice to have a comfy seat for the 4hr flt instead of the usual 737.

However they now provide ipads of entertainment and provide the cheap AA type headphones/buds with a single plug. However, buds dont suit my ears and keep falling out. I have since checked with quite a few people who share this problem. They no longer provide the older headphones and in any case they dont work on the ipads [i tried]. Apart from having to take my own headphones everywhere i travel, has anyone got any ideas? will these be the new standard? doesnt J deserve better even on domestic [Y as well of course] thoughts please.


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Cheaper and disposable. If it's any consolation VA provide the same crap in J as well. BYO is the answer. 


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The plastic units have the special two plugs, so won't fit.

To be honest, haven't used them in years.

Agree on BYO


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Dave, do yourself a favour and pick yourself up a pair of decent in ear headphones, that won't fall out. Any airport store will have a half-reasonable pair starting from $20.

Given that you have spent the time writing about it here, it will be the best $20 (or more) you have spent!

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