New designed travel pillow.

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New designed travel pillow...

Has any one used the new TravelComfort Travel Pillow, it looks like it gives incredible head support?


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Looked at the website.For the price i would just buy it and give it a go.The horse shoe one's are not all that good! This one looks promising.


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I bouught a TravelComfort travel pillow and it is AWESOME!!! Gives fantastic support and I slept the whole trip. Didn't even get a stiff neck.


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Looks kinda old to me, but should give excellent head support (and presses on the pressure points of the head).


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How is this better than using the wings on the headrest?

It also looks clunky and don't like the idea of having to blow it up and assemble it.


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Check out the "Ostrich Pillow"!
I get a lot of laughs and weird looks but sleep pretty well! 

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