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SilverKris MEL & SYD. How are these lounges coming along, and when will they be finished? Also if they are completed, are there some pics? I want to book J flight to SIN and want to know wheather it is best to fly ex MEL or SYD to get the better lounge. Travel is in July 14. Thanks :)


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The MEL one is finished, I was there a few weeks ago. 

It's not that great. Quite small, quite dark, seating options didn't look that attractive Food was reasonable, but only a Nespresso machine for coffee. No real personality or interest, just a dark brown room with some light brown chairs.

I had a look around, ate a couple of sandwiches, and went to the Air New Zealand lounge instead, which I liked a lot better.

Can't comment on the SYD one, but I would doubt it's likely to be worth basing your travel plans around.


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"No real personality or interest, just a dark brown room with some light brown chairs."

Isn't that what all SQ lounges are like? They lack a certain joie de vivre that the Qantas lounge has; Or the clinical oriental sharpness that Cathey imbue in their lounges.


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Photos of the Melbourne Singapore Airlines lougne can be viewed on the Singapore Airlines facebook page by clicking here https://www.facebook.com/singaporeair/photos_albums and scroll down to Melbourne Silverkris Lounge





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MEL opened a few months ago and I believe is the last lounge refurbished under the 'old' design.  SYD is currently closed and will open sometime in November being the first of the 'new' design.  Unsure of the rationale to base departure point on the departure lounge experience, but based on the above I'd say go from SYD next July given it will be the 'new' design (whatever that is - no pictures as yet).

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