• If a lounge takes 18 months on average to build - a whole new terminal will take at least 5 years. Wouldn't it be worth renovating anyway in the current space? The new terminal is a “possibility”.

  • Qantas lounge meetup

    Oct 11, 2019, 07:56 AM

    To make the lounge more crowded by those who aren't meant to be there? Sorry am I missing something?

  • If you do QF1 or QF2, do you get the DSC to Singapore? Not sure if it’s classified as SYD-SIN if it’s SYD-LHR

  • I’ve done both to bkk - definitely thai first. Seat is much bigger and more spacious, nose of 747, SQ first lounge in Sydney, dom perignon and caviar, buggy to take you around bkk and escorted immigration, spa massage.

  • Shock and horror - this morning I found out that the Sydney Qantas international Business lounge no longer has a pancake machine! Why oh why qantas???? Surely there must be a logical explanation as to why the decision was made :(