I'm contemplating a more direct service to LHR over Easter 2014.

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I'm contemplating a more direct service to LHR over Easter 2014. Have been mulling the option of BA or QF in Business and uncertain of the way to go. I've created a pros and cons listing of both options, including a set of assumptions. Would love to hear from all of you to further embellish this list.


1.Prices between the two options are the same

2.Accrual for mileage/status credit/tier points are not to be considered

3.Not a member of either BA or QF FF programmes- therefore no preferential treatment to bias either option

4.All other carriers are not to be considered

Pros Qantas

1.Unique tapas style meal offerings

2.Breakfast checklist menu

3.Bed topper

4.Pyjamas in Business

5.Short transit in DXB

6.Superior inflight entertainment

7.Access to AA Arrival Lounge in LHR Terminal 3

Cons Qantas

1.Non-intimate coach like experience of A380 Business class upper deck

2.Transit through DXB – Paranoia about vitamin pills and melatonin tablets (non-prescription!!!)

3.Weird sleeping arrangement/pattern – Landing in DXB as you’re starting to fall asleep/deep in sleep; insufficient time to sleep on DXB/LHR sector (average 7h). Similar on the return trip leaving LHR in the evening with only 7h sleep arriving DXB in the morning

4.Departure from LHR Terminal 3

Pros BA

1.More intuitive sleeping arrangement/pattern – Daytime flight to Asia then a good 13h overnight flight to LHR arriving bright and early. Similar on the return leg.

2.More intimate seating in Business with the reverse seating and sight-blocking screen between seats

3.Really good strong tea on board

4.Possible afternoon tea service if flying from SYD (here’s hoping!)

5.Arrival/Departure from LHR Terminal 5

6.Access to BA Spa on departure

7.CX Business class if flying through HKG

8.Access to BA Arrival Lounge in LHR Terminal 5

Cons BA

1.Risk of surly flight attendants

2.Long stopover in SIN on the way out (if not flying via HKG)

3.Poor inflight entertainment, although with the 77W and A380 this might be different

4.No pyjamas in Business

5.Angled lie flat on QF A330 or old QF747 if flying via SIN


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Do away with assumption #4 and this whole exercise becomes a lot easier.


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I recently booked a flight from SYD to LHR on BA and am flying the QF A380 to HK then the BA A380 to Heathrow. Same in return, you get the best of both world's.


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From your heading, I'm contemplating a more direct service to LHR over Easter 2014. it assumes direct can mean travel duration. if this is the case, flying via DXB is shorter than SIN or HKG.


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Hi FrequentFlyer, 

Did you book that as 2 seprate tickets or as the one.

How did you find it?


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I understand your disposition.Given the list do any QF and or BA earlybird special and try for an upgrade to first.Or consider pr/jet  note this was shared at short notice  and come in under QF and BA full fare first.


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You may find that depending on when you book your first assumption may not be correct as QF tends to be more expensive than BA. However, if you book now the price difference is a bit more acceptable (ca. A$500 according to my quick skyscanner search today). I think, assuming that you are departing from SYD, on balance, the QF1/2 option would be better than BA 15/16 via SIN but I would be tempted to try the codeshare flight with CX to HKG and BA A380 from HKG to LHR. It would take longer but might be quite interesting to try BA's new A380. 

Have you considered CX instead of BA and QF. CX has a lot of flights on a daily basis between SYD and HKG and HKG to LHR and you can select the best times for you to leave Australia and arrive in LHR. It would take longer but I think CX's business class is better than QF or BA (but just make sure that you select the 77W flight from HKG to LHR (and vice versa) for the new business class seats). HKG is also a great place for a stopover, if desired.



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I have had the chance to fly long haul J on BA, QF and CX over the last 18 months to Europe.

I would sugest CX on the 777; primarily because the beds are better than the over options.

CX's new j class is almost like a mini first suite/seat in terms of its level of privacy  . The J lounge in HK is worlds best; the frequence of services is also way higher both ba and qf, finally the connection and flight times through HK means you can get sleep in both directions.

If you can't do CX then i'd go with QF as the food and service are better than BA.


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The problem with making decisions based on detailed list is that you don't have control over a lot of the items. E.g. the IFE could be DOA, no pyjamas, last-minute aircraft subs, random crew, etc. 

Just go SQ or CX. 


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TRB: Cn you elaborate why you came to choosing between these two airlines and not having CX, EY, EK or any other in the mix ? Looking at assumptions 1 to 3, why not take another carrier? I would look into QR via MEL or PER and DOH.


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Assumption 1 - 4 is designed to focus the discussion on QF and BF vis a vis the pros and cons listing.

I did not want to introduce too many variables in the discussion.


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Thanks TRB, your choice makes sense, esp since I now understand you are looking at ex-Europe bookings / prices. When looking at OW accrual you and the most direct way indeed BA or QF are the way to go.


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Wow! Thanks everyone for your responses!

FrequentFlyer: I like that idea of the QFA380 via HKG but only if I was flying to/from SYD

charlieg: Lately I've been travelling to Europe via the US. Hence looking for a shorter route over Easter - I don't want to burn too much annual leave, what with 3 public holidays over an extended week!

Notwithstanding assumption No. 4, CX really is a more desirable option but price-wise, it is not as competitive. I'm looking to get tickets ex LHR for QF or ex MAD/CDG/FRA for cheap BA tickets.

KG: CX as described above is not as competitive. Same goes for MH for the period in question. I want to accrue OW points - that rules out EY, EK and SQ. I would consider QR once I know their accrual status post 30 Oct.

I guess the biggest concern for me is the transit via DXB - Has anyone taken non-presciption melatonin with them without any hassle? I am honestly freaked out by this.


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Never had any issues with security, in fact, in DXB the security is more occupied with looking at their phones rather than looking at the screen and checkiing bags. Mind you, most times I flew EK in F so maybe the security is less strict in the dedicated F security area.


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A minor point perhaps given your more significant factors...you cannot rule out EK on capacity to accrue OW points since you can theoretically fly EK and:

  • post to QF (foregoing the status bonus if due)
  • select a QF flight number (accruing status bonus and status credit bonus)
  • post to Alaska Airlines which can be redeemed on many OW sectors (losing on QF bonuses but winning on the higher point value of AS over QF points)

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