JQ 224 scheduled to depart 09.

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JQ 224 scheduled to depart 09.30 ZQN-SYD. Weather at ZQN not good, but not bad enough for NZ to cancel flights. Pax waiting at airport 6 hours, with updates trickled out mostly in 30 min increments. Flight then cancelled, just minutes too late for a swap to the NZ flight to MEL. JQ does not have the RP technology to operate in/out ZQN in low cloud/fog/snow - just have to watch NZ come and go all day. Never again. NZ may be a few $$ more but they get you there. Some pax may enjoy an extra night in the ZQN bars - business travellers probably not.


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You are surprised wilsoni?


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Tend to agree with TRB...

I have had my fair share of awful Jetstar experiences and have said to myself 'never again' - going 6 months now and counting.

Don't think even a 787 would tempt me back


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I had a single experience with JQ back on 2005 NY day. I booked the first OOL-MEL service moments after midnight after learning of the passing of my grandmother. A bit of background on this: Leaving Surfers Paradise in the early morning, I struggled to get a taxi. On the way to the airport we had to stop at every traffic light but the roads were empty. The taxi driver then took me on the other side of the airport wasting 5 minutes before getting me to the right place. I got to the check in desk wat T-32min (only one was open at the time) and had to wait for the chap in front of me to check in, then was my turn (by then T-30). The agent said, you're too late. I said have no bags, been standing for a couple minutes. Flat no. I said look my grandmother passed away and have to get there asap. She replied 'there's no use in lying to me, it will make matters worse'. 

I walked to DJ, while booking with them over the phone, checked in, went through security and sat there waiting for my flight only to see almost 45 minutes later the JQ flight called for boarding (they were delayed by almost an hour) and that chap who I was in front of me at the JQ check in part of the group.

Couldn't believe it, swore not to fly them again and so far been able to keep it that way.

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