I'm travelling on QF108 from LAX to SYD in January next year.

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I'm travelling on QF108 from LAX to SYD in January next year. I am connecting off an American Eagle flight from Salt Lake City, which arrives at the American Eagle terminal adjacent from T4. I need to get to TBIT as soon as possible, as I arrive at 20:40 in the evening. I have heard there is a shuttle bus for QF pax.

Has anyone used this service? Where does it go from? When does it go? Where does it drop you off?


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I wouldn't bother with the Shuttle if you are coming from T4.  TBIT is right next door.  It will probably be quicker for you to just take a trolley and walk next door...rather than try to find the shuttle pickup/drop off location, wait for the shuttle, and then get on.  The traffic flow would see you having to do a WHOLE loop of all the terminals again, before you get back to TBIT.


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There is a shuttle that leaves from T4 to TBIT for QF customers connecting off AA flights.  This will mean you don't have to clear security at TBIT.  This service operates from 4pm to 11.30pm.   For further information consult the QF website.


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hi JA

highfler is right. Walking across is best BUT it does entail going through security all over again. Even with a Business or First class boarding pass the security at LAX TBIT can be a bit long and annoying at that time of the evening.

  • The Shuttle bus from T4 to TBIT leaves for Gate 44
  • It goes via the scenic route across LAX to T4 - scenic being euphemism for LONG!
  • The shuttle leaves T4 on the :00 and :30 between 8:00pm and midnight, and arrives TBIT Gate 117 several minutes later (Source: martin33, 12 Aug 2009 10.15pm @ flyertalk)

If you decide to use the QF/OW lounges, it might entail a further track to the main spine of TBIT. HINT: If you are OW Emerald, use the AA Flagship lounge at T4 first before you catch the shuttle bus to TBIT.

Can anyone correct me regarding Gate 117 - I'm not sure if that is accurate. The last time I used the shuttle it felt like a REALLY long walk back to the lounge. Maybe an alternative gate was used during the LAX renovations? As you can tell it was some time since I've use this shuttle service! Walking is the way to go even with the security checks!

And if you're lucky at the security checkpoint, you'll get to bump into the tech crew flying you back to Australia! That's always a treat for me to visualise them in the cockpit :p

I know it's sad...


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I have used this service myself, and is actually quite efficient. It runs quite often, especially when connecting flights have landed. It is quick, easy and offers an extremely good view of TBIT and the planes. It is very quick, taking about 15mins gate to gate. Also, not going through security also makes the journey faster and (almost) stress free. Qantas staff were very helpful. It departs from airside T4 (I think it is gate 15, but not sure) and ends, routes around TBIT and drops you off (airside, no security) near gate 123 at the far end of the terminal, near the QF gates. The only downside was that the actually bus ride is actually not that comfortable and when the bus is packed, getting a good seat or even getting comfortable is a struggle. 


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Walk......Done this connection numerous times at similar times from T4 to TBIT. I have always beat the bus by walking (my parents take the bus), but i appreciate the chance for a brief walk in the 'californian air' before getting on the longhaul.... they meet me in the lounge about 5-10 minutes after i've arrived, bearing in mind utilisation of the priority queues at security may save some time. Also the first class hosts at the qantas desk are pleasant and enthusiastic to update you on flight capacity and seat allocation etc.

Enjoy your trip!


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Walk,enjoy your trip and avoid any and all admirals or flagship lounges at LAX.Use the QF lounge in TBIT its is much more relaxing and your also thru security.

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