American Airlines status challenge?

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American Airlines status challenge?

Does anyone know if american airlines is still offering a status challenge? i have a few qantas and BA flights coming up next month and since i don't have status i was looking at doing a challenge...

i read that there were offering a challenge a few months back but don't know if its still on going?

If anyone has done this said challenge or know's how many miles are needed to attain gold or plat please let me know. cheers!


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It is still going on. I signed up for it last week and am currently on a flight from LA to NYC. It costs $200 to register although you will need to call them to do this.

You can either start the challenge on the 1st or 16th of every month.

I will be making the Platinum level with my cross country flights and also a flight NYC-LHR.


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Hi benjo,

This might assist you:

Key things to note for your situation:

  • Challenge can only be achieved on flights with AA code. So your BA and QF flights will need to be ticketed with AA numbers.
  • You need 10,000 elite qualifying points (EQP) to hit Aadvantage Platinum for the Challenge. Aadvantage Platinum = OW Sapphire. Aadvantage Gold does not get you lounge access as per the OW framework.
  • You will have 3 months to hit 10,000 EQP . 1 mile flown = 1EQP when ticketed in H,K,L,M,V,W. 1 mile flown = 1.5 EQP when ticketed in F,A,P,I,J,D,R,Y,B. All others earn 0.5 EQP.


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Benjo, try googling "loyalty lobby aa status challenge" - lots of the obvious questions may be answered by the article on that website dated 26 August 2013. This may serve as a useful starting let us know how you get on.

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