Here's a question for Alan Joyce.

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Here's a question for Alan Joyce. As I sit here in LAX in your First Class lounge; as I do about 4 times per year, why is your organization unable to run a wifi system that actually works? Having paid over $13,000 for a return flight to the USA, I'd have thought it was the least thing that you could do for your "premium business customers" to give us the basic tools that anyone should expect in a lounge in 2013. It's absolutely beyond me how bad this lounge is for wifi.


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Consider yourself lucky there is even a semblence of wifi - my last trip through HNL (July 2012) the computers in the QF lounge were struggling along on 2003/2004 microsoft software and the internet was so slow to be effectively useless!


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i have been in that lounge quite a lot - its quite a crap wifi, i couldn't remote desktop into my office (quite data intensive and needs a fast connection) or download a movie on itunes, but all the normal surfing was fine. Once I managed to get it to accept the password. 

I have read that the LAX lounge is QF managed, but the setup resembles a CX lounge; e.g. the food, the showers, the wifi needing a password. Not sure if it is fully QF's responsibility or partly CX's.

I suspect it is also partly LAX's problem, which I suspect will be fixed with their overhaul airport upgrade.


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What's worse than the wifi problem is if, in my recent experience, the BA flight is delayed and there is literally no where to sit in a 'First Class' lounge. 

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