• What's the benefit for someone in Sydney? If I'm going to Chicago, it'll be the same number as stops as if I flew via DFW. Other than for people living in Brisbane and Chicago, it doesn't seem to be any more efficient.

  • What about points? I have a decent points balance but haven't had status for years. Should I use them before 1 August?

  • This article seems very pro-smart luggage. As other comments have said, what does so called smart luggage do that is so valuable? Batteries are risky. Compared to phones and laptops: Manufacturers tend to be new, more like hoverboards than Apple (and even then, as in the case of Samsu...

  • Review: Leica M10 digital camera

    Jul 12, 2017, 02:50 PM

    so weird to see a camera review without photos

  • Tip: Use Hong Kong in-town check-in

    Jun 10, 2016, 02:01 PM

    They've had this feature since the airport and airport express lines opened.. which is almost 20 years ago. When I first used it I thought the same thing - amazing, hope everyone else does this soon. Almost 20 years later, no one. Well almost no one apparently. Most surprised that Singapore hasn...

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  • I mainly want to use them to book international business class tickets (e.g. to Asia, Europe, or US). Which airline has the most supply of reward seats, of the below:- Cathay- Singapore- Emirates- Virgin AustraliaThanks

  • Holy Bibles in hotel rooms

    Mar 06, 2018, 11:04 AM

    Originally Posted by traveller99 Originally Posted by Blake Originally Posted by traveller99all they do is supply bibles free of chargeThere would be a cost involved in getting them printed. A much better use of the money and resources would surely be to use it for actual charitable purposes, a...

  • Because there's no demand for it.CX runs 4 flights profitably, and QF has previously struggled with 2.The overnight from HKG to SYD (and daytime on the way back) regime makes more sense because of the 2/3 hour time difference. The current CX overnight flight from SYD to HKG starts at 10pm and lan...

  • I was told that my account had been cancelled due to not making any transactions for 1 year. Despite my having a large amount of points. Anyway after calling them they said they could reinstate my account but I need to make sure I make one transaction p.a. otherwise next time I won't be able to r...

  • SPG - Account Cancellation - What the?

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