Check Luggage through 3 flights

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Hi, I have 3 consecutive flights on two bookings with QF/EK:

1. Sydney to Singapore (QF - Booking 1)

2. Singapore to Dubai (EK - Booking 2)

3. Dubai to Milan (QF (EK codeshare) - Booking 1)

When I board in Sydney will they be able to check the luggage all the way to Milan?


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Qantas has an interline agreement with EK so you should be able to check you bags through to Milan even though it is a separate PNR. If you'd like more detail, look up 'Qantas Interline and through check baggage'

P.s Normally I'd provide a link to the page in question, but I've had posts get lost when I've previously tried to include websites.

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Qantas will generally link the following seperate bookings:

Qantas and Qantas

Qantas and Emirates

Qantas and Jetstar International Only

In some rare cases they may link Qantas and Oneworld If points were used for one booking and money for the other.

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