• They should just turn the "The Club" into a Business Lounge, for Business and Platinum (and VIP) Passengers Only, this will not only help reduce overcrowding in the normal lounges, but also please the unloved platinums and club members. 

  • Basically it turns into a credit, so you can use it on any Qantas flight, the real catch is you have to pay the fare difference on the new ticket, so if you can't find that sale fare you paid originally you pay the difference between what you paid and the new fare, of course that's a better pill ...

  • Here’s an idea, sell new $300 Virgin Lounge 12 month memberships, that don’t activate until you visit your first lounge visit, raise some funds and gauge public interest. 

  • Well you might have an elderly parents a or relatives in Gin Gin, not everyone lives on the Sunshine Coast, not just about people taking holidays but people moving around to go to funerals, weddings and just see loved ones.....

  • I wonder if the Premier (non-elect) of QLD , Dr Jeannette Young,  will mark this down as a consequence of the her over the top border closures ?

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