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Question RE CL/Platinum One points upgrades:

If a CLPO were to book a flight under a family members name and then bid for an upgrade with points, would the level of status be carried over to the booking or would the family member's status remain as it is (e.g. Gold FF).

If anyone has any info on this it would be much appreciated.




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My understanding is the CL/Platinum status is carried for the upgrade. This is benefit that only platinums enjoy.


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If I had no idea, I would have answered don't know, or unlikely. But I had the opportunity to work closely with a CL a short while ago and had to call the desk on his behalf several times for all sort of different reasons.

The things they'll do to accomodate the requests (including upgrades, rerouting awards, opening availablility on flights that appear to be sold out) for the CL, his family, as well as his work team (including myself).

Hence my answer The CL help desk usually looks after that as if it belonged to the CL member himself. 


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Ok that sounds good.  I'll definately have it chased  up with the CL desk, but great to have an idea when considering other options.  


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As a P1, my understanding is that in theory the CL/P1 status applies.

That said, I haven't tried...

...why do your ask?

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For upgrade requests it's a published benefit of P1:

It's nice to be able to share your benefits. When you use your points to upgrade an eligible family member, they too can benefit from your Platinum One status. At the time their upgrade request is reviewed (which is based on their Frequent Flyer status) they'll have their upgrade processed at the Platinum One priority level, even if you're not travelling.



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As a Platinum One member I requested upgrades from Premium Economy to Business Class for my 2 children. They are both basic Bronze members.  I was not on their flight. My wife nad I flew home a couple of days earlier. My upgrade was reviewed with Platinum One benefits but was only notified the night before the flgiht. They were booked on a flight from LAX to SYD on the 22nd Dec 13. I was told upgrade unlikely due to passenger bookings but not impossible. They were upgraded for the flight home.Very happy with the Platinum One service.

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