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It's Malaysian. I don't find that terribly surprising given we're on a thread about the MH lounges in KUL. The earth doesn't end in FNQ, y'know.


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Merc25: 'teh tarik' is a Malaysian version of hot milk tea - the words mean 'pulled tea' and it's great! You can get it most places in Malaysia and also at the MAS lounges in KL, naturally. You can also get it at many Malaysian restaurants in Australia. I strongly suggest you give it a try!

(As for it 'not being Australian' - well, neither is most the food which we Aussies enjoy - that doesn't stop it being relevant or delicious!)


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Thanks ,I might give it a try next time I' m in KL


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I used the MH Golden Lounge (first) last week. The emerald/first side of the lounge opened a couple of months ago and is about half the size of the business lounge. It has showers and a small buffet. You can order drinks which come from the bar on the business side. It is cozy, comfortable and less busy, but nothing special. For food you go into an adjacent area with a decent buffet, though nothing on the QF lounge in SIN. 

All in all, comfortable but don't expect something exceptional. 


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Thanks for all the advice.  Will try the local drink for sure.  Will post a note on here when I am there and also leaving LHR lounge. 


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MAS lounges at KL are pretty average considering they should be the 'flasghip' lounges. First has better meals with a la carte dining and a nice quiet room for relaxing in but mostly it is just a place that is not as busy as the crowded business lounge next door.


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Well I used the lounges and found them exactly as you guys suggested.  Pleasant enough but nothing too flash.  CX First in HKG vastly superior but the KL lounge was ok. Breakfast was ok but when ordering anything it seemed to take forever to arrive.  Had the local tea drink and, TBH, it was not my cup of tea, (pun intended), though better with a shot of whiskey in it.


Terminal 4 at LHR, the lounge is quite bright and airy, food was actually better than in KL as was the service.  It seemed to be a mixed first/business class lounge but no issues there.  Plenty of choices for the beer. 


MH A380 is terrific, though the VOD is a little lacking.  Hopefully they will upgrade the woeful A330 on the KL-SYD route.

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