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  • i have flown MH several times all in jclass and find them no different than other airlines ,it all boils down to the crew,and whether or not the flight is full,some FA'S on a full flight can get stressed with the addition work load,i always prefer flying when airlines are not fully booked ,

  • All I can say is the truth is in the pudding ,have you done the flight yourself in J before criticising !  The Fa ON BOARD asked me to post ,as I beleave 2wc were removed a few months ago AND THEY WERE GETTING A LOT OF FLACK, since 1st CLASS was removed ,and no we were not in the Lou ev...

  • Had a great flight ,FA's and food terrific , but the flight was spoilt by a shortage of toilets (3) only and you share with premium economy   1 upstairs and 2 downstairs ,a ratio of 1 to 25 ,this is rediculous,there were large queues waiting to use the bathroom during the whole flight ,has a...

  • IPad Pro on Qantas

    Sep 09, 2016, 07:50 PM

    I have been told once to put imy iPad Pro away ,out of many flights , i personally can't see the difference except size ,they could both become a missile in the right circumstance

  • Seat selection on QANTAS Dash 8-400.

    Aug 19, 2016, 10:16 PM

    If you ring Qantas they will pre book your seat of choice if you are gold or above hope this helps.i fly melb Launceston every month and do just that .every now and again someone says they can't ,just ring back and get someone else and they do it,

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