IPad Pro on Qantas

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IPad Pro on Qantas


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I was told last week by a QANTAS FA that the 12.9" iPad Pro had to be stored in the overhead lockers or under the seat for takeoff and landing now because it is larger than the safety card that they have (i.e. an A4 sheet of paper) and a new fleet-wide directive has been issued saying that any electronic device bigger than that has to be stored and can't be used. I don't doubt it, but has anyone else been told this?


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Yes I have heard this and some airlines even class it as a laptop it is because in the event of an emergency the size of it could possibly hamper the exit. 

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Indeed, the iPad Pro is nearly 9mm wider than A4, and 10mm longer.  That's less than half an inch.  Good grief!


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We get the same message on Air North, seems to be a new standard.


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iPad Pro-Fail


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QF make pax in exit rows store them up top for takeoff and landing on many flights I have been on, won't even allow them in the seat pocket


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With any size limit there is always going to be something just bigger, and something just smaller. With increased size, generally comes increased weight.

Use of the safety card as the guide seems pretty sensible, and much easier than say a 700gram rule (the 12.9" Pro is also just above this)


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I think this is a crazy distinction. obviously at some point its going to be a problem if the row is genuinely blocked but this is just another example of policy without  a real risk to address. My newspaper is larger than the card and that is ok and my shoes are heavier and they are ok. and if I hang my suit jacket over the seat in front its more of a trip hazard but I have never had that challenged....


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I have been told once to put imy iPad Pro away ,out of many flights , i personally can't see the difference except size ,they could both become a missile in the right circumstance


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JAL made me store my iPad Air in a locker for takeoff and landing on a flight this week! The flight attendant told me JAL rules only allow an iPad mini to be able to be handheld during takeoff and landing. 

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