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  • I've had an experience like Theresnormissin described. I recently came back from overseas and it was the final domestic leg that was enough to bump my status up. I logged on mid-air and the status credits had already credited and the change in status was reflected in my profile. So good luck!

  • IPad Pro on Qantas

    Sep 08, 2016, 02:11 PM

    I was told last week by a QANTAS FA that the 12.9" iPad Pro had to be stored in the overhead lockers or under the seat for takeoff and landing now because it is larger than the safety card that they have (i.e. an A4 sheet of paper) and a new fleet-wide directive has been issued saying that any el...

  • IPad Pro on Qantas

    Sep 08, 2016, 02:08 PM

    IPad Pro on Qantas

  • Hi all,I'm flying on QF51 and JL36 in a few weeks and then onwards to London on BA, all in J. I know BA doesn't hand out pyjamas but was wondering whether I can assume QF will (as its a day flight), and whether JL does on the overnight flight to Tokyo?Many thanks for any info that anyone has.

  • Are pyjamas handed out on QF51 and JL36?