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I'm QF gold and when i land in sydney in few weeks, including the flight i would have taken to arrive in sydney would get me across the platinum level. Obviously, it won't show on my account after i land, is there a way to access the first lounge using/showing this data?


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If you are flying on Qantas domestic I've found that SC's can sometimes be credited surprisingly quickly. Does your itinerary involve you arriving in Sydney and immediately transferring to T1 to fly onward internationally? If they credit the SC's quickly enough your new status should show within the Qantas's app which should get you through the door where you can then ask for a new boarding pass to be printed with your new status.

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Yes i'm flying BNE-SYD business (i think 60 SC's) and transferring over to T1 to catch another QF flight to BKK on business.

I would require no more than 10 SC's to get to platinum prior to the BNE-SYD flight. I shall keep my fingers crossed on the app credits showing up.


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I reckon you'll be OK on the QF domestic sector. With the QF domestic flight WiFi I've occasionally noticed SC being credited even before landing!


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Even if the points are not credited I'm sure you could just explain the situation at the First Lounge. Show them the My QFF tab of the QF App which would show both your 1390 SCs and your recent points activity missing the BNE - SYD sector, then show them your BNE - SYD boarding pass. The service tends to be pretty good and I'm sure it's happened before. Or call ahead.


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And I for one hope they let you in!

There is a lovely man as door keeper to the First lounge who you will have to speak with before you take the escalator up to the desk. I have never had status credits added instantly, so I agree with greg959 that having the app open and BNE - SYD boarding pass handy will smooth your path the the salt and pepper squid.

Good luck and report back.


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I've had an experience like Theresnormissin described. I recently came back from overseas and it was the final domestic leg that was enough to bump my status up. I logged on mid-air and the status credits had already credited and the change in status was reflected in my profile. So good luck!


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The staff on the desk at First are very welcoming and will accommodate where they can. Perhaps keep this thread handy also.


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A Qantas flight whether it's domestic or international, in my experience is credited pretty much after departure, so should be ok.

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