• Yes, but you'll have to do the TSA shuffle in ORD, wouldn't have to do that in AKL!

  • I visited the new lounge today. A large lounge with plenty of seats. Great views of airfield. Good bar with house spirits and a good selection of complementary local beers. A shame about the lound music playing with too much bass... trying to get a sports bar feel, I think! Food offering poor, un...

  • I’ll be there that day!!!

  • Agree with you re: BNE Business Lounge. The food is terrible and the same all the time. Worst Mexican food I've tasted. When are they going to change the menus? The soups aren't bad, but the swill/stews they serve are gross.

  • The blurb on their website specifically states Skyward Rewards, and its for chauffeur booking after 1/3/19. I’m hoping QFF awards aren’t currently included but if they are you can still book prior to 1/3/19 cuttoff??

  • Use the QF First Lounge. You can access airside AA domestic gates from the Tom Bradley Terminal via the link way. Just allow a reasonable time to walk depending on which terminal you are departing. Most go from T4 so not too far.

  • A Qantas flight whether it's domestic or international, in my experience is credited pretty much after departure, so should be ok.

  • QFF status credits for BNE - ORD

    Oct 14, 2019, 12:06 PM

    Can anyone explain to me why the SC yield on the new QF BNE to ORD sector is so poor?I've included other city pairs as a comparison with Perth to London being a similar distance.It appears they haven't set up a specific city pair in their award tables like they did with Perth to London and are ju...

  • If you've registered for the offer, you will always receive a confirmation email, saying you've registered. This is your only proof and is alway best to save and flag the email for future claims. I recently did a trip to LA and it took me two emails to get the DSCs credited. They can take up to 8...

  • QF and AMEX hoax (sorta)

    Jun 11, 2019, 11:21 PM

    If you purchase a ticket originating outside of Australia you purchase the ticket in the origin country in local currency, NOT on the Australian site, so not eligible. The alternative would have been to book over the phone and Qantas will charge you locally. However you have then booking fee... ...