Emirates Taxes through the roof!

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Why all of a sudden has Emirates started to charge such exorbitant taxes when booking Emirates flights via Qantas Classic Rewards, I flew Business Class to Europe and back with Emirates using Qantas FF points a few years ago and the taxes were far less? They are basically pricing themselves out of the market for the average Jo wanting to use FF points, yet more damage to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program!


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Does qff fall into the category of a scam yet?


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I think it’s becoming a scam. I’ve stopped collecting QFF points and switched to American Express Membership Rewards. I have millions of points are I can’t use. Pre- Covid days if you were organised and booked 355 days in advance, no problem, but I don’t think they are even making any seats available on long hall premium classes. Emirates and Qantas extra charges are now a joke. They are certainly double dipping if you’re lucky enough to bag a seat!


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EK started hiking up their carrier fees in late Feb or Mar 22 and they have increased about 4 times since then. Nothing to do with QF it was and EK rise across the board including their own program and other partner airlines.

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