• @mshah that seems like a plausible plan however I would suspect it depends on how long it takes NZ to approve you match so that you have access and send QF a copy of the NZ gold status.  It would seem that you can register interest with QF without providing evidence up front by the close off...

  • "It's probably where business class used to be, and in some cases where first used to be in the old days, 30 years ago," Clark reflected.In 2006/7 EK were still flying MEL-SIN with the older (maybe 1st generation) 777 with recliners in F and an IFE system that you had to ask the crew to get the m...

  • My opinion is that cash refund should be given be it personal expenditure or paid by an entity. At present with airlines cutting back or cancelling flights at short notice or on the day why should the traveller be put at a disadvantage. There are current travel warnings in place for all "non esse...

  • Mar 14, 2020, 05:45 PM

    Based on todays announcement NZ has just become less friendly.

  • Let's wait and see what happens, I would rather QF introduce boarding groups like the US. There are a lot of golds and above, then add in the OW priority customers. Groups would be easy:J Pax, CL and P1Plat and OW equivalent Gold and OW equivalent QP members, Silver and OW equivalent Then the rest

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  • Emirates Taxes through the roof!

    Jan 04, 2023, 06:04 PM

    EK started hiking up their carrier fees in late Feb or Mar 22 and they have increased about 4 times since then. Nothing to do with QF it was and EK rise across the board including their own program and other partner airlines.

  • This is this is the link to the QF interlining page QF to EK or EK to QF on seperate PNRs was been in place since the partnership started. I asked QF in ADL a couple of weeks ago about this scenario as I am doing the same thing in 2 weeks, the lounge staff indicated it maybe up to EK depending on...

  • You can interline QF to EK if they are a single or seperate PNR.

  • Qantas Joey Club

    Jan 31, 2022, 10:05 PM

    In addition to what ZQN Fan mentions they will get a Joey Club Passport which they can tick off places they have been and record flight details. A bit of gimmick but useful if you what to a record of their travel.

  • Originally Posted by docsimonm Originally Posted by Matt_01 I cannot see you running into issues provided you are flying out on OW flight number and OW operated, this is no different to using a QF issued card at any of the OW lounges. I have never had issues accessing other OW F lounges operated ...

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