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  • IPad Pro on Qantas

    Sep 08, 2016, 03:17 PM

    Yes I have heard this and some airlines even class it as a laptop it is because in the event of an emergency the size of it could possibly hamper the exit. 

  • Glasgow, Seattle, Sao Paulo (Olympics only mabye?) and Osaka. These are my predictions for 2016-17 but who knows with EK they have some odd a380 flights. 


    Dec 20, 2015, 03:09 AM

    It is very good I was on the flight back to LA today and it is one of the pest ways across the Pacific.

  • Well long and short of it is when I requested an iPad Air 2 at work the other day I went to IT and got given a bloody iPad pro it stays in my bag and I just went and got an air 2 myself and use that on the plane to avoid looking like an idiot with an iPad pro 

  • True especially when they have it on the tray table with the keyboard case on and the whole bloody plane rattles 

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