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My MH122 flight departing from Sydney to KL yesterday was a terrible experience.

Crews are lazy and not focused during work hours. Instead they used their working time to chit chat among themselves instead of serving customers during boarding time. Their chit chatting among themselves during the plane boarding time resulted in many passengers using the wrong aisle to get to their seats and this has resulted in a very chaotic boarding process.

Please share your flying experience with MAS either good or bad as I am very curious.


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They've really 'jatuh standard' (i.e. dropped the ball) in the last few years, and I've been disappointed every time I've flown them recently.

1. Crews are utterly demoralised. The carrier has been going down the monsoon drain for years and the cracks are really showing, not that that excuses this in the slightest, because you can't just have crew asking, "And you?" when taking meal orders in Economy when your competitors like Qantas have crews asking, "Will you be joining us for dinner this evening?" It's just not good enough when passengers regularly feel more welcome on AirAsia.
2. The product has been cut beyond recognition. Ten years ago, domestic flights had water, apple juice, orange juice and Milo, served in plastic cups on trays. Now, you just get a packaged cup of juice that's half the size, and that's almost hurled at you. As the saying goes, "MAS: Mana Ada Style?" (i.e. "Where got style?", a fitting rhetorical question).
3. Their schedules and on-time performance are rubbish. If you fly at stupid times of day and keep having delays, passengers are going to abandon you in droves.

As an Australian of Malaysian background, it hurts to say this, but from a passenger perspective, Malaysia Airlines is yesterday's carrier.


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I fly lots of sectors with them regularly ex-AU and also intra-Asia and I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like you have described.


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Very happy with recent experiences, all intra-Asia in J. Maybe a product of the smaller cabin size but service on the regional 737 has been the best of the lot over the larger aircraft.


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Haven't flown on MAS in a very long time but have on many occasions seen their crews openly smoking in uniform on arrival outside the entrance to their transit hotel in Tokyo. Not a good look at all.


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I was not impressed during my trip from ADL to Manila via KL. Every sector was delayed, so 4 flights in total. Arrived into Manila 2 hours late, it was after midnight.

On my return journey I got a text message a few hours before hotel checkout saying that my flights were cancelled for the day, no call from them. I called customer service and said, "well at least get me to KL today and I can do the second sector tomorrow", I had to ask for a hotel voucher no mention of it otherwise. They said ok. I got to KL airport and there was a long wait everywhere due to the timing of my flight (which was delayed out of Manila of course) and at the air-side service counter asked for my hotel voucher for the night and the guy at the counter looked at my booking and said "Why are you staying over night?". I said you guys texted me to say my flights were cancelled, he said they weren't cancelled and I could fly out that night. After that it was a mad rush to then collect my bags because I didn't check all the way through thinking I was staying the night and clear customs and immigration. Only to check in at MAS counter again to go through immigration again..... after rummaging through my luggage in the middle of the terminal to get a change of clothes for the colder weather in Adelaide at the time. That experience left a bad taste in the mouth.
As for onboard service this trip, I found the crew friendly enough but totally unengaged. Requests would get forgotten.
However, the time before that on a different trip, I remember waiting for the lavs, one of the male flight attendants pretty much smacked me on the arm and pointed in the direction of the forward toilet. Did not say anything, all I got was a tap and a point.
This is J class mind you, so can't imagine what Y must be like. I would say the crew lack polish.
The lounges are terrible. For the Manila trip, the lounge out of Manila was a shared lounge and was dirty, dark, overcrowded and with bad food. The main terminal lounge in KL was under renovations but they didn't tell me that. After wandering around I found a tiny sign in front of the barricaded lounge to point me in the direction of the satellite terminal. I had a shower but the general feeling throughout the lounge is old and tired. I tried to eat there but found the food to be terrible, so I actually left the lounge to eat at Secret Recipe outside.
I won't fly them again unless I hear they have lifted their game.


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I tried to eat there but found the food to be terrible, so I actually left the lounge to eat at Secret Recipe outside.

You know things are dire when you resort to eating at Secret Recipe.


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. The main terminal lounge in KL was under renovations but they didn't tell me that.... ....I had a shower but the general feeling throughout the lounge is old and tired.

I'd say thats why they're renovating...

I live in Malaysia and fly them a lot. Y class for the short haul stuff and J down to Australia. The fares are cheap, onboard food and bev is fine, flat bed for sleeping. Their cabin crew are generally friendly and well inclined and if you give a smile you get a warm smile in return. We are spoilt for choice between Australia and Asia with QF, (VA), SG and CX carrying most of the passengers with a high level of standard - but also very high fares. When the tickets are half the price of the other carriers flying from SG or HK to Australia, a bit of boarding chaos seems like a pretty small issue.


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Flying between Australia and Asia with Malaysia Airlines has (for me) been an experience that I would not accept even if they were giving fares away! Four trips booked departing June ‘17 onwards. All flight times have changed post booking, aircraft changed in two trips (flat bed a330, to recline on 737). One flight I had to cancel because of time change and they took 4 months to refund my money. Last trip to Sydney from KL was delayed, lounge in KL was not good (cold showers, poor food selection) but the staff were great! On board service was lackluster, final row in J class meant they had no business meals for me...? Never experienced that before. Only one out of the 4 crew were friendly, the rest were not unpleasant, just did not want to be there! Not looking forward to my next flight. Seems like delays out of Perth are an almost everyday occurrence (not talking ten minutes), nightmare for connecting flights!! In my mind, every aspect falls far short of what you would expect from any airline, budget or full fare. Not worth the hassle now (for me). Regardless of the cheaper fares.


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Ok - so, look -when you've paid the $ - its not good to get sub par service.

But try and understand it from a bigger picture.

These guys have potentially lost friends in the last few years - in nothing short of horrific circumstances.

Its fantasy land to imagine that the events of the last few years don't take their toll.
Even in a big base - chances are - someone knew someone!

These folk are likely looking for other jobs - they don't want to be there - who could blame them?
I have spent time working with an ex AA flighty - she lost friends in 9/11 - but to boot - her roomie was on the A300 that went down.

That sort of thing doesn't leave you quickly.


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i have flown MH several times all in jclass and find them no different than other airlines ,it all boils down to the crew,and whether or not the flight is full,some FA'S on a full flight can get stressed with the addition work load,i always prefer flying when airlines are not fully booked ,


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MAS recently lost my luggage. Total lack of communication and not showing any care from them that made me think twice now about booking with them on future trips. This is more to do with their ground experience than in the air. Back to the crews experience, all my recent J flights were on the positive side, pleasant crews but caterings were a little let down. The worst and rude crew experience for me in the last 12 months was in fact on QF from HND to SYD.

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