• QF used to fly 747s from PER-JNB as a tag on from Sydney in the 90s once a week. They flew PER-JNB via Harare in Zimbabwe once weekly also - I flew this route once 20 odd years ago!

  • Review:

    Mar 20, 2018, 03:48 PM

    "Chris Chamberlin travelled to London as a guest of Malaysia Airlines."I'm sure initially anyway it was related to this and the crew wanting to leave a good impression on the guest/reviewer.

  • I wonder how crew (cabin and pilots) rotations will work? Will they need 3 x 8hr shifts? Is in-flight rest considered good enough to work that long on a flight? Anyone know how it works on the Perth-London route? The 787 has 6 beds for cabin crew and 2 for pilot rest which is seemingly good enoug...

  • I'm one year into my FTPP and just hit 50%. I don't live in Australia so logistically it becomes more challenging - work permits, visas and the nearest Australian consular is 5 hours away! With a standard passport this process will be yearly exercise for me now.

  • SIN-ADL yield is pretty good - in the mid to high 90's from the BITRE stats. SQ actually runs double daily flights to ADL for 15 days over Dec/Jan due to demand. SIN-ADL is also a decent freight route (food & wine) with close to 10 tonnes loaded per flight on average. Still - I don't think i...

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  • Another One World FF

    Aug 24, 2018, 07:33 PM

    You'll earn Silver status in both FF programs after this trip, so take your pick! If you're based in Australia the QF points (around 9k earned) would be more usable domestically.

  • Citi PremierMiles Visa is good here. Citi points don't expire and can be transferred to a number of airline programs. Fairly decent earn rates compared to others on the market. Plus its eligible for those on an Employment Pass, which some local cards are not.

  • Hit and miss - I frequently visit the lounge and now know to ask them for your first drink when you walk in, and to let them know you'll be looking for a top-up in around 20 mins or so. Some of the staff are proactive and will come and ask, but its rare. Having said that, not many lounges (if any...

  • Day flights from Asia

    Apr 24, 2018, 08:00 PM

    Living in Asia, its great to fly overnight. You can finish your day here, sleep on the plane and enjoy a full day back in Aus. Particularly for the short trips home it works great - but either way you then lose it on the other end with a day flight back to Asia. If the Asia to Aus flights were da...

  • QF replacement bag tags

    Feb 12, 2018, 09:22 PM

    Just ordered replacements. You can get a set each year on request, if you stay at the same level.

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