• Again "not everyone". I am quite content in a Wi-Fi free zone when flying.

  • Returned on QF38 in Business on Sunday morning. The brioche mentioned in the article was tasteless and cold in the middle and the fruit salad far from fresh. As others have noted it is a sad and non-competitive offering on overnight Business Class flights from Asia.

  • After 34 years as an Amex Member I really now wonder why continue? The same points conversion as my Mastercard and Visa. Way back Amex offered higher credit limits but now the others are the same. From a marketing perspective if Amex lowered the conversion from 1.25/1 to say 1.10/1 they would at ...

  • How to get a Shenzhen visa

    Mar 07, 2018, 08:32 AM

    Mid week the wait is ok, weekends or holiday times not so good.

  • Very simply "more space"! Way too crowded at many times of the day currently. Get the area right then many of the other things mentioned above can follow.

  • Status benefits applied immediately?

    Feb 14, 2020, 08:06 AM

    My experience last year going from Gold to Platinum on a multi leg trip in Asia was immediate.

  • Yes, I try to avoid the QF 737's trans Tasman J for a number of reasons and this is one of them. Not a problem I have come across on the QF A330's into AKL or EK to CHC.

  • Did SYD - OOL and BNE - SYD last week and the priority lane boarded first and those in line were checked for eligibility. Credit to QF staff on both occasions for proactively enforcing the stated policy.

  • Jefflu88, yes with QF/CX baggage is fine but as someone else noted pay attention when checking that this is properly tagged. Sorry got my terminals the wrong way around but the road transfer is the same, as are the security protocols to enter the terminal.

  • Hi Jefflu88,Other have covered the baggage issue, the transfer between terminals is another story. Arrival should be ok, I have never experienced any problems arriving on QF19. Yes, there is a shuttle bus and in theory a schedule but I would not take a lot of comfort from that, things happen in...