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I am looking for a Qantas biz class flight MEL - LHR. When I've entered the relevant details in the Qantas site and go to select dates (with the option of flexible dates) it takes you to the calendar view to select dates. On the calendar depending on the dates you select it shows different pricing and it displays the price at the foot of the calendar stating "Lowest Business price per adult in AUD for a Return trip."

My question is: why can I not find that price when you go to select flights? For example: the price shown in the calendar was $9022 (which is in a green font on this day and some other days; and some days the prices are in a grey font).

The lowest priced flights I can find on those days I selected was $9940 with Emirates. I've tried other dates and the same outcome scanning all available flights. Unless I'm doing something wrong I find this confusing and misleading.

Would appreciate any feedback... thanks



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I’ve found the same thing recently. Was booking a LAX-MEL return, the site showed ‘lowest price’ on the date scroll bar across the top of the screen but that price was not shown on any flights listed below.


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I have seen this regularly when searching business class trips to New Zealand.


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Hello, heathcor.

No, you're not doing anything wrong. This is just how QF's searching and pricing function normally 'works', unfortunately. There is no quick fix for this (on your part). Customers just have to dive in and sift thru to find the lowest price, if that's what they're looking for. And there is never a guarantee that the lowest price you see at the bottom of the calendar date will actually be there when you click on that date to find it(!!) I hate how QF makes a straight-forward quest so convoluted.


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The same thing happens when searching for classic awards in some views. The website indicates classic awards are available on certain dates, but when you look at the flights available on that day, there are none priced at classic award rates. It's a "feature"


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It's almost like it's a ploy specifically to annoy potential customers as much as possible by a saboteur. I don't get it. It's akin to shooting yourself in the foot!

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