• And in normal times you would see a couple of A380's parked up there each day, between early morning arrival from Australia and evening departures back.  A road runs right past the facility, between it and the beach and at a level below,  so you would look up and see the aircraft close ...

  • What's next for Qantas first class?

    Jan 15, 2021, 03:31 PM

    Qantas won’t want to be unable to respond should their major international routes like LA bounce back quickly, which they will as more people get vaccinated and governments loosen the rules.  Those 380’s could be back in service sooner than we think and full.

  • Also, many people find these seats overly firm when converted to a bed, my wife included.  She small and light so maybe that contributes.  I don’t have that complaint but at 6’3” I do find foot space can be tight both when sitting and sleeping.  It’s not a g...

  • Is it legal to deny access to a passport without an active criminal case?

  • That’s all Alan Joyce wanted - for the Govt to cover his costs.  Job done.

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  • Qantas FF and coronavirus

    Mar 11, 2020, 07:29 AM

    Qantas would be crazy not to do everything it can to encourage customers to fly with them again once this trouble passes, as it will. This is survival situation for all airlines, a few FF points and status retention's are minor considerations compared with $ in the bank and seats booked.

  • I'd use the Flagship lounge. The Qantas 1st lounge isn't what it used to be, and the AA lounge has one important benefit: windows!

  • I can't really add go the SC question but I have a place 10 minutes from John Wayne (SNA) and fly out of there on AA a lot. I generally fly to either Dallas or Chicago and connect from there. Phoenix is OK but there are more options via DFW.

  • Sad to say my time on this site has dropped off hugely since the changes. As much as I've enjoyed AusBT over the last few years this new site give little value, it's way to much weighted towards product placement and marketing dressed up as news items. I'm not after a lifestyle site, I'm after ...

  • Originally Posted by Chris Chamberlin Hi everyone, just to provide a quick update here, again from the editorial side: we're currently working with the IT department to make the distinction between News, Reviews, Expert Guides and Lifestyle content clearer. Currently, the News section of ...

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