Last chance for Qantas Double Status Credits

Get ready to supercharge your Qantas Frequent Flyer status!

By Staff Writers, February 26 2024
Last chance for Qantas Double Status Credits

Looking to lock in your current Qantas Frequent Flyer status for another 12 months, climb up the next rung for added perks, or just to edge closer to lifetime status?

Then don’t miss out taking advantage of the current Qantas double Status Credits promotion, which is ticking towards its final 24 hours before the special offer ends at 11:59pm AEDT, Tuesday 27 February.

This  first double Status Credits promo of 2024 gives frequent flyers an easy way to retain their current Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum One status for the next 12 months.

You can also vault up the status ladder, easily hurtling from Silver to Gold or Gold to Platinum, and at the same time continue your journey to Lifetime Silver, Lifetime Gold or even Lifetime Platinum membership.

(Qantas is also offering the choice to earn double Qantas Points on bookings, but most frequent flyers will favour status credits over points pretty much any day of the week.)

Here’s what you need to know about the latest Qantas double Status Credits promotion.

  • It’s live right now, from 12:01am AEDT, Wednesday 21 February
  • It will run for the next seven days, until 11:59pm AEDT, Tuesday 27 February
  • Although bookings must be made within that seven-day period, the actual flights themselves can stretch anywhere from 28 February 2024 to 14 February 2025 – that puts almost a full year of flying with double status credits on the table!
  • To earn those Double Status Credits (or Double Points) you’ll first have to register for the promotion at the Qantas website or your Qantas app
  • Only flights on a Qantas aircraft carrying a QF flight number are eligible for this double serve of Status Credits or Qantas Points – not Jetstar flights, not codeshares on partners such as Emirates (but before you ask: yes, an exception has been made for the Qantas/Finnair A330 flights on Sydney-Singapore and Sydney-Bangkok, which will qualify for double Status Credits or Qantas Points)
  • Those Qantas flights can be regional, domestic or international – they’re all good for a double serve of Status Credits or Qantas Points

Note that these extra or ‘bonus’ status credits do not count towards the Loyalty Bonus, Platinum or Platinum One Bonus Rewards or the Qantas Tier Accelerator challenge.

Qantas Business Rewards members can also register separately to earn Double Points on upcoming business travel.

Using the Qantas double Status Credit promo to your advantage

The ability to plan flights almost a year in advance is perfect for locking in some business trips and holidays while also locking down another year of your Qantas Gold, Platinum or Platinum One status, as well as steadily making your way towards lifetime status if that’s also one of your goals.

But first, take a moment to ask yourself these three key questions:

  • How many status credits do I currently have?
  • What status milestone do I want to reach?
  • Is that level of status really going to be useful for me? 

The last question is particularly relevant.

There’s no sense chasing the lofty goal of Qantas Platinum One if your needs will generally be met by Platinum; in addition, for many domestic-only flyers who do just the odd international trip, Qantas Gold will suffice.

Map out the number of status credits required, or the number of flights you need to do, to get from your current status to the tier you want, taking into account your ability to collect Double Status Credits of course.

Note that only flights booked within the DSC promotional period qualify for double status credits.

If you’re sitting on Qantas booking made before this promotion began, it will only collect the usual single serve of Status Credits.

In that circumstance, some frequent flyers will cancel that original booking and rebook the trip under the DSC offer – but of course that only makes sense if there’s no cancellation or rebooking fee and the replacement DSC-eligible trip is available for around the same price.

Why would you choose double Qantas Points?

And there are some instances where you might decide to opt for double Qantas Points on your bookings, rather than double Status Credits.

If you’re not close to jumping from one status tier to the next, even with the help of a couple of DSC bookings – or you’re simply not in the position to book enough flights to get you across the line – you might decide it’s better to pocket that double helping of Qantas Points to use on bookings or upgrades at any time in the future.

After all, there’s no benefit to being ‘Silver and a half’ or ‘Gold and a half’.

If you have just one or two bookings to make right now, at least you can use this opportunity to hoover up more Qantas Points which you can use rather than Status Credits you can’t use.

Is it worth signing up for the Qantas Double Status Credit promo?

The short answer: yes.

The longer answer: oh yes indeed.

Qantas status puts some fantastic perks at your fingertips, and this goes beyond the norms of lounge access, extra baggage and priority service with not only Qantas but across all international airlines which are members of the Oneworld alliance, as well as partners such as Emirates.

For example, high status lets you earn as many as a 100% bonus on Qantas Points on flights.

Qantas status also unlocks the best seats on the plane (ahead of them becoming available to everyone via the Qantas T-80 rule), and determines your position in the upgrade hierarchy (Platinums trump Golds, while Golds beat Silvers).

And when things go pear-shaped, it’s generally Qantas Platinums and especially Platinum Ones who enjoy the best attention and speediest service recovery due to their being considered very high-value customers.

Finally, since credits are largely earned only by flying, Qantas Double Status Credit promotions let you reduce the number of flights needed to keep your status, as well as locking it away sooner so there’s one less thing to worry about as the months tick by.

With all that in mind, why wouldn’t you take full advantage of a Qantas Double Status Credit offer?

To reach or keep Qantas Gold or Platinum status, you can probably get there with just one international business class return flight – and that might already be on your plans for an upcoming trip. 

For example, a return Qantas premium economy trip from Australia to London will normally earn you around 280-300 Status Credits depending on the type of fare you book

Under a DSC promo this catapults to 560-600 Status Credits, which is about enough to keep Qantas Gold status on its own (and around 100 Status Credits shy of earning it for the first time, if you are currently Qantas Silver).

Likewise, a return Qantas business class flight from Australia to London booked as a DSC trip can pocket between 1,120 and 1,240 status credits depending on the type of fare you book (discount, standard or flexible), which puts you in the realm of Qantas Platinum status.

And if you’re travelling domestically, a return business class flight from Sydney to Melbourne or Sydney to Brisbane under a double status credits deal will park at least 160 status credits in your account.

Qantas has a handy calculator to help you work out the number of status credits earned per flight, based on your fare type.

Set your status credits goal

Knowing the status credit requirements of each Qantas Frequent Flyer tier will not only give you a goal to work towards but help you work out exactly how many flights are needed.

Qantas Silver: to earn Silver status for the first time, you need 300 status credits, and 250 status credits to keep it if you already have it. On paper, Silver is not an overly useful tier, because the main benefits are just two Qantas Club lounge invitations and use of 'premium' check-in counters. However, everybody has to start somewhere - and it’s easier to keep it once you have it.

Qantas Gold: you need 700 status credits to earn Gold status and 600 status credits to keep it. Gold is often thought of as the 'sweet spot' because it gives you lounge access across Qantas and Oneworld airlines along with Emirates, plus the use of premium security lanes and priority boarding.

Qantas Platinum: you need 1,400 status credits to earn Platinum status and 1,200 status credits to keep Platinum status. This gives you access to Qantas' domestic business class lounges and the international first class lounges of Qantas and Oneworld airlines, along with Emirates.

Qantas Platinum One: Platinum One is the highest level of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program. You need 3,600 status credits to earn or keep Platinum One, of  which 2,700 need to be earned on 'Qantas marketed flights'.

Platinum One members can also give free Platinum status to their partner, receive two invitations to the Qantas first class lounge to give to a family member or friend, get free 'fly ahead' access to earlier domestic flights, and have any available seat converted into a points-based 'award seat'. Plus, they tend to get the best attention from Qantas when flights are delayed or cancelled.

11 Mar 2012

Total posts 316

Anyone else having trouble registering in the app?

02 Feb 2022

Total posts 4

So far I have registered four times on the web site and once on the app. Each time Qantas says I am registered and will send a confirmation email. The FAQs say the email could take up to 15 minutes. It has now been over an hour - no email. I have also been on the phone with Qantas for over half an hour. I first called FF and they then transferred me to Reservations (don't know why). Still no resolution. I've confirmed my details (Qantas has no issue sending unusual login email) so no reason why the DSC confirmation email is not working / coming through.

24 Aug 2011

Total posts 1202

Interesting to see that QF codes on EK flights are excluded.  I have to wonder exactly where this JV is at.  The Qantas website seems to make a point of avoiding offering flights on EK metal.  I recently tried to book a flight to Rome and all that was offered was flights via LHR with a BA connection despite there being a one-stop flight available on EK metal via DXB.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

15 May 2019

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They seriously need to stop doing these. There are now lines to get a table at the First Lounge and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person in the non-premium security line at Sydney airport.  Not much point in having status anymore when literally everyone at the airport has it as a result of these silly promotions.

04 Sep 2022

Total posts 6

Unlikely that this will ever happen.  Without this sweetener, I,m of the opinion that a lot of premium travellers will spend their $$ on airlines with both better hard and soft products.


04 Apr 2014

Total posts 209

I agree.  I flew domestic out of Sydney last month for the 1st time in ages, there was literally no-one in the general boarding line.  Everyone was in the premium line.

01 Apr 2014

Total posts 115

For those actually travelling in First they do quarantine a section of the lounge off for First dining. Was recently in LAX First Lounge where there was a queue of about 12 people waiting for dining tables, but there was still a section of about 20-30 seats reserved for First pax, which I assume is to cover the SYD + MEL A380 departures. Was only myself and 3 others in this section, and it was somewhat uncomfortable being ushered past the increasingly aggro people waiting, then sitting there receiving their scowls and finger pointing as they remonstrated with staff why they couldn't access the reserved tables. 

Staff told them it was reserved for First pax, but they way it came across was very condescending and poorly managed. Whilst there are small  reserved signs on the tables, I think they could save a lot of lounge aggro by simply placing a sign saying that area is reserved for those flying in First - most reasonable people would appreciate the concept. Nonetheless, good luck to you if you are a non-paying visitor looking to maximise  your benefits. The First lounges are starting to look like the feeding/drinking frenzy of the domestic business lounge on a Friday afternoon..... just saying. You need to do better Qantas.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

15 Aug 2020

Total posts 8

And when you go to the app, chose double status credits or points…… fails.  Talk about impossible to redeem, or just old fashioned incompetence?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 Aug 2015

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I'm not far off platinum status, it looks like I can get access to Syd international first class lounge with this. My question is can I also get access for my wife ? She is only on gold status and we will be flying QF11 in the Business class cabin.


09 Feb 2021

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Yes - you are allowed one guest travelling on the same flight as you.

29 Mar 2017

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One guest on the same flight is permitted.

01 Apr 2014

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Yes, if they are flying on QF metal with you that same day, Plats can take 1 adult guest, regardless of their status, and up to 2 kids (aged 4-17). 

It's pot luck on availability of SYD/MEL spa treatments in the First Lounge, as they get offered to people actually travelling in First when you get the First Concierge call the day before. That said however, I have not had concierge calls on my last couple of First flights. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 May 2013

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You can bring guests with you for access, as long as they are flying on a QF aircraft i believe.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

14 Oct 2016

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Hi Johnsy, short version is yes you get one guest to bring into the F lounge with you. So your wife will be able to join you assuming you attain Platinum Status before you are due to fly on QF11.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

18 May 2018

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What about points club bookings? Still double?

18 Aug 2021

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Qantas Silver status provides just ONE (not two ) Qantas Club lounge invitations per year.

Two questions

Do you have to BOOK via the app? I get you have to REGISTER on the app 

Would this cover QF flights to south East Asia on Finnair metal?

29 Mar 2017

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Can you book through an online website that isn't qantas? Ie Expedia? Can't see any exclusions in the Ts and Cs.

Emirates Airlines - Skywards

10 Nov 2015

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Does anyone know if this will cover status credits earned on reward bookings in circumstances where you also have Points Club membership (and so earn SCs on reward flights)? I cannot for the life of me work out if the Ts&Cs address this specific point.

Yes you do get DSC in this case.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer P1

23 Aug 2014

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Hi Johnsy

The answer is yes

18 Nov 2023

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“Everyone” seems to be getting on the “me too” train to cram more and more passengers into their increasingly crowded and less than pleasant and relaxing lounges. As one recent comment (elsewhere) suggested, it’s getting to the stage where the “public” areas are a nicer place to be. 

It’s time they stopped mollifying the “status” of the multiple work related, economy travelling, passengers and reserved Business Class (check the usual signage on the lounge entry points) for passengers actually travelling Business Class. 

Maybe they could “dump” on their First Class passengers too by giving (paid) Business Class passengers automatic access to First Class lounges.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Jun 2016

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I cant find any detail on if I book using points an I am a QF points club member that earns status credits on QF & JQ operated classic rewards flights, will I get double credits? 

I know a couple of people here have said that the answer is yes, but is there detail in T&C's or a clarification in the offer?

05 Sep 2023

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Hi there. Maybe I missed it but I'm assuming like the last DSC promo that reward bookings are counted too?! Can someone confirm this? Thank you.

29 Jul 2017

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Does the double status apply to the alliance subsidiary planes painted like a normal qantas plane?  the qld ones.

25 Feb 2024

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Is it possible to book a fare during the period and change it to another date before next February and still get double credits?

I.e. PER-SIN 05APR24 booked in the double status credit period, change it in a few weeks to PER-SIN 05JUL24. It isn’t clear in the T&Cs.

01 Aug 2019

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Hi all, I have used the DSC offer many times before, but was now looking at booking a trip BNE-WEL. It is QF355, but states it is operated by Alliance Airlines on an E190 (seems similar to the Finnair arrangement, but going for much longer). I would think this would still qualify for the DSC, but would like to know what others think?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent FlyerJ

19 Apr 2013

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I would appreciate some advice. I have just booked and paid for a flight and mistakenly realised I had not registered for the double status credit promotion beforehand. I have registered now, am I still eligible for double status credits or should I cancel and rebook my flights to make sure I get the offer?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

05 Oct 2016

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I would NOT take this as a guarantee but I feel you may be safe - judging by this page you just have to register in the period (you can even keep swapping your choice before the 27 Feb) It does not explicitly say you MUST register before booking within the allowable booking period. You can read here but if you really want to be certain, call up Qantas and ask them! (and record the times and names etc)

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