• I got an email from qantas saying it will be extended automatically for 12 months. What i am unclear about is, what is being extended - the status tier itself, or the status credits.?

  • Does this mean that a number of people will actually go up a status tier? In my own situation, my "status year" ends at the end of March (albeit now march 2021 rather than 2020). I have 650 status points at the moment, so I was already on track to retain gold from March 2020. Now that it is exten...

  • Can I ask what you think about this....I have a SilkAir flight Darwin to Singapore. Cost me a bit over $500 aud in economy. Based on a search, its available for 36,500 miles to redeem outright in business class. Called to upgrade. They want 31,000 miles to upgrade. Seems like outrageously bad val...

  • Mar 05, 2019, 02:13 PM

    when do we think the next one will be (ie the period for travel)... hoping to get double status for end of year trip

  • we pay credit card annual fees, we pay a surcharge each time use our cards.... we do this because we have calculated that there will be some reward in it. If airlines change the rates to redeem for flights AFTER we have incurred those expenses, its pretty immoral of them to change it

  • DOES Qantas serve spirits on domestic business class?

  • Chauffeur service for Qantas QF2

    Mar 25, 2018, 05:59 PM

    Originally Posted by phily Go to Manage My Booking on the QF website, and look for the option to book a Chauffeur Drive. It'll let you book one if you're entitled. Tanks phily. I cant see that option there. Looks like those who take just the last leg, as opposed to the entire trrip from london, ...

  • Chauffeur service for Qantas QF2

    Mar 25, 2018, 11:13 AM

    Hi.Im on QF2 next week in First but only from Singapore to Sydney. Do I get the free chauffeur for this or is that only for those who originate in London.thanks

  • I flew from BKK to Sydney on EK first class and it was a BMW 7 series (albeit with plastic seats rather than leather)