• Is Qantas Club worth the price?

    May 24, 2021, 12:28 PM

    The benefit that I always remind my partner about is clean toilets.... Compared to terminal public toilets that covers the cost to benefit rationale quite easily, plus showers, comfy seats, somewhere to stay when delayed.Did I mention the clean toilets......

  • As do I. Any pointers as screenshots only show my initials and status??

  • Got a bland response that said they will come back to me. Will keep you posted

  • No response so followed up with a polite email this morning after I got the email advising the reduction in value. 5 days after it popped on ABT.

  • I'm with you on those numbers deanr. I use it whenever I go through either of Sydney's domestic terminals. Breakfast at Movida is great, breakfast at Bar Roma OK. With my wife being a platinum card holder too the $$ provided by the credit is substantial. I have alrerday email my contacts at Amex ...

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