Status credits on QF flights on Emirates planes

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I flew Sydney to Christchurch 2 weeks ago on an Emirates plane but with a Qantas ticket

Any idea on how long it takes to get status credits through? Thanks


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Pre Covid 3 to 7 days.


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I flew it a couple of weeks ago SYD-CHC and no points as yet, but on my return CHC-SYD flight late last week I got credited QFF points and SC's within 3 days. The correct QF8766 / QF8765 codeshares were showing on my tickets and boarding passes, so might need to wait a bit more before the minimum time before I can lodge a missing points claim online.

The check in person I had at SYD seemed new and a bit out of their depth, so not sure if there a particular process that has to happen at check in to correctly allocate the points/SC's?


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I fly QF flight numbers on Emirates every few weeks and have a lot of issues with points/SCs posting. However, if you complete the Qantas missing points form the points usually appear within a couple of days.


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If you need them to credit before then end of this month I would lodge a claim now. Otherwise I normally wait a month before lodging a request. I find the people on the ground don't have much of an idea about the intricacies of status credits across various FF schemes. But its not really their specialty which is primarily to get people checked in as efficiently as possible. Doubly so at outstations such as Sydney or Christchurch where, despite their EK uniform, they are probably employed by Swissport or dnata and may work across multiple carriers in a day. On a status run I actually had a cabin crew member sit down and ask me why I was doing a direct turn and i started explaining about status retain and she kinda glazed over (and would fly at staff travel rates anyway)


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Normally they would post quite quickly, but I had to do a manual claim & phone call for last set of Aus/Dxb/Aus flights in early March. On the same booking some Middle East EK flights posted points the next day, but the QF coded flights (which are far more valuable in points) did not.

On lodging form, response was to contact service centre - was credited as I was on the phone.


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By comparison, QR points and status credits were in my account upon landing (14 hours..)

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