Best business class seats: Fiji Airways Boeing 737-800

By Chris C., February 6 2017
Best business class seats: Fiji Airways Boeing 737-800

Fiji Airways' Boeing 737-800s ferry Aussie flyers to Nadi and Suva, with seats for just eight business class travellers at the pointy end.

But as those flights can span upwards of five hours each way – or even six hours and beyond for Adelaide flyers from June – it makes sense to choose the best seat based on your own flight plans.

On board, those eight business class seats are spread across two rows in a 2-2 configuration, with the 'A' and 'F' seats by the windows and the 'B' and 'E' seats by the aisles.

That's a different pattern than most other airlines adopt on similar aircraft where 'C' and 'D' are commonly used to indicate aisle seats, so double-check the location of your spot when selecting it.

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Fiji Airways Boeing 737 business class: best seats

Which row should I select? Seat 1A certainly looks 'pretty' on a boarding pass, but we much prefer row two on these birds as these seats have considerably more legroom than those in front (pictured):

In row two, your seats are a generous 48 inches behind row one – that's roughly 10 inches more legroom than most Australian domestic business class seats – whereas in row one, there's only room to extend your feet very slightly.

Window or aisle for sleeping? When flying on 'Fiji Time' and enjoying some rest en route, opt for a window seat (2A, 2F): you'll be able to recline and nap without interruption, and on daytime flights, can enjoy some great views with the window shutters open.

There's also nobody behind to bump your seat and disturb your doze, and the bulkhead wall doesn't get in your way when reclining.

Window or aisle for getting work done? In a similar vein, plonk yourself in a row two aisle seat (2B, 2E) when your aim is to remain productive on board.

Storage around you can be limited so you'll have easy access to the overhead lockers, and with so much room in front of your seat, your neighbour should be able to scoot past without you needing to move.

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Can open the windows gee that would be fun :)

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Think it's clear Chris meant window shades?

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have they updated all there seats on the 737/800s last time i flew Melb /Nadi they were the old seats.

syd/nadi had the new seats on the A 330

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