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  • Also remember that much of the business (J) class demand in Europe is connecting traffic onto long haul. The airlines are obliged to provide a J class cabin for those pax but still maintain the flexibility of a movable curtain for high leisure sectors where there isn't much premium demand otherwi...

  • Agreed. And with an enclosed suite like Delta One, they'll have an edge over BA. even with their new CW product.

  • As others have already well stated - for any airline to fly a 250+ seat aircraft into Australia it needs to be able transfer many of those passengers throughout its national / trans Tasman network seamlessly. What your suggesting would require Virgin Australia to set up a network ex Broome (or el...

  • Originally Posted by Joe Turkish try really hard, lounges, catering and now aircraft - all excellent first rate carrier level but theres still something about the soft product in the air and on the round thats a little laboured and not quite 1st rate carrier level. I know what you mean. I have f...

  • Cathay Delight in Economy?

    Sep 24, 2018, 03:47 PM

    It's a nice idea but from my experience crew are not encouraged to consume food (esp if unsealed) given to them by passengers - for safety reasons. Many airlines ban it.

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