Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350-1000 seatmap reveals 1-2-1 Upper Class seating

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Love it when airlines load new aircraft and seatmaps into the GDS before the product is actually launched! Courtesy of ExpertFlyer here is the seatmap for Virgin Atlantic's new 'Upper Class' business class cabin on the A350-1000. As you can see it's a 1-2-1 config which implies this will either be angled herringbone-style seating like VA and CX, or forward-facing seating like QF and EK.


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Given DL control of VS, you'd think product will be very similar to the J product on the DL A359s.


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Agreed. And with an enclosed suite like Delta One, they'll have an edge over BA. even with their new CW product.


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I'm going to play spoiler and suggest that Virgin may go for a slightly more compact product than the Delta One Suites.

Why? Virgin need to fit in a bar (unlike DL), have lots of leisure traffic, appeal to a younger market, and have stiff competition. So my speculation is that Virgin will go for the Stelia Opal at about 42" pitch. The slight density improvement reduces costs a little, makes it easier for them to squeeze the bar in too.

Also, from what I've seen (the details are up on some other website) Virgin Atlantic are going for 8 abreast seating in Premium Economy. This is a substantial width reduction relative to their older PE seats, but it shows Virgin are taking a pro-density approach with Premium.


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Couldn't it still be the same as the current setup as it doesn't show the angle of the seat? Hope not though.

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44 seats in the -1000 vs 32 in -900 implies they're angled seats and not Delta1 type, that may only add up to about 38 (or 40?).
Possibly more like the CX -1000 maybe with room for bar as stated above.

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