• I agree this lounge is disappointing (I was there recently). PAL have been investing and upgrading, so surely an investment/upgrade of their flagship lounge is in the planning stages. But they should get onto it quickly.

  • I wonder how likely it is that Cathay will use the HAECO Eclipse for their regional business class (and Cathay Dragon Business)?It would make sense I think.

  • The business class appears to be the Safran "Fusio" suite model. Qatar's Qsuite has the same basic layout but I think its a custom product.

  • Review: The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

    May 21, 2019, 12:52 PM

    I've been here myself. Its a fantastic hotel. The rooms are excellent, the architecture and views are wonderful, and the location is immensely convenient. Its also the cheapest 5-star hotel in Tokyo and easily the best value.

  • Its good to see AA and the other American major carriers are really investing in their products. If only AA's short haul onboard experience weren't so atrociously compromised.

  • Interesting that they've increased the number of Max 10s. Perhaps they want a subfleet of Max 10s for higher-capacity short-haul routes, and a subfleet of Max 10s for the short-haul international and transcon routes?

  • I'm going to play spoiler and suggest that Virgin may go for a slightly more compact product than the Delta One Suites.Why? Virgin need to fit in a bar (unlike DL), have lots of leisure traffic, appeal to a younger market, and have stiff competition. So my speculation is that Virgin will go for t...

  • Originally Posted by obanpointer Just returned from lhr and was served piper heidseck rare 2002. Have QF run out of taittinger? Not that I'm complaining as I have found my new favourite champagne. I'm just going to have to work out how I'm to afford the $270 at uncle Dans!! QF typically serve ei...

  • They're based on a similar principle but they're not the same seat.Emirates A380s use Zodiac's Skylounge product (ANA use this as well), whereas Qantas uses the Thompson Vantage XL product.

  • Holy Bibles in hotel rooms

    Feb 27, 2018, 11:43 PM

    I'm a militant atheist. But I don't get offended at the mere presence of a religious text. It doesn't burn me or make me scream in pain. Even if I do want to roll my eyes a little over it, I don't feel personally offended or excluded or "micro-aggressed" against. That said, "there's an app for th...