• This certainly didn't go the way JB had planned. When he hired John Thomas to be the CEO of 'Virgin Australia Airlines' the plan was for JT to make his mark on VA and then take over when JB stepped aside, but the melt-down which saw JT turfed out has left the airline without any obvious internal ...

  • David, what would happen if somebody broke the embargo which SQ has placed on photos of the seats? Legal action for breach of commercial confidence?

  • Spot-on reporting AusBT, you guys have great sources. I will add this, the approximate capacity for the new business lounge is 290 up from 230 now, for the new Qantas Club it's 440 down from about 520 now.

  • Sydney Airport's Opal card loophole

    Jun 21, 2017, 03:34 PM

    I do this all the time. I catch the bus to and from work each day so I buy an Opal card, use it for a few commutes and when the balance is low enough I set the card aside for my next trip. I fly domestic every two weeks so it's worth doing.

  • Qantas launches inflight Internet

    Mar 26, 2017, 06:21 PM

    Interesting that the staff test flight in Feb was judged a smashing success, 7-12MBps per device, but some hiccup has developed to make QF push back the launch and especially the media flight with only a few days notice. Fault-finding can be a b*tch!

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  • Qantas has another A380 charter flight coming up, but this time it's not for Flight Centre's annual travel agent conference. There's a special Qantas flight scheduled for January 19 2020 which will fly Sydney to LA and then on to Orlando, and it comes back on January 24.The 'customer' for this is...

  • Qantas A380 refurb schedule

    Jun 26, 2019, 02:17 PM

    We all know that Qantas is kicking off its A380 refurbishment with the first upgraded A380 to fly in September, see https://www.ausbt.com.au/qantas-a380-refurbishment. For those interested, the 'running order' will see VH-OQK as the first A380 headed for refurb at the start of July, so it might ...

  • There's been a burst of activity over at QFF lately with the airline cracking down on people who are buying and selling Qantas Points. As many here will know, Qantas does permit "family transfers" across a fairly broad range of family affiliations through to nieces, nephews and first cousins. But...

  • Not widely known but a fact, when John Borghetti was still at Qantas as 'executive general manager' and had lounges, cabins and service all under his wing he was planning a Qantas Sydney Arrivals Lounge for T1, but then he left QF.

  • Love it when airlines load new aircraft and seatmaps into the GDS before the product is actually launched! Courtesy of ExpertFlyer here is the seatmap for Virgin Atlantic's new 'Upper Class' business class cabin on the A350-1000. As you can see it's a 1-2-1 config which implies this will either b...

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