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  • Many think its just CX publicity - like the wrong spelling of their name on repainting?Even 'though they make a loss, they're still there and its all very cheap publicity!If only they'd replaced those last B747s with A380s they could compete on a more than equal basis?

  • Probably because crew have to check more pax, many may not be frequent flyers, or with children and that takes longer.Best service was on the very old PanAm B727 shuttle from FRA to West Berlin, a beverage and snack on 25 minute flight. Cleared up on the descent to land!

  • Recommendations for checked luggage?

    Dec 31, 2018, 10:12 AM

    Soft sided are not recomended for a check in bag, so easy to break in airport luggage systems.Similarly don't get a zip bag, they really can't take the pressure, however if you do use one never overpack it.Inside a container they will burst easily.Hard cover lockable Samsonites are cheaper than o...

  • EU majors have to compete with LCCs and they do that successfully by densifying seating such that both classes are the same pitch with a flexible partition.Some majors leave the middle seat vacant in J class.Australia doesn't have LCC competition like the EU where two LCCs each have more European...

  • All J class should have 1 (preferably2!) forward and lights to show if the Y class are available behind the partition.Frequently go to Y if available,or just for a walk around the'plane for exercise!

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