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QF or AA membership?

All this talk about extracting value from FF programs is doing my head in. Is it better just to be a member of bigger FF program like AA and earn points for QF travel via OW or remain a QF FF?


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As indicated in an earlier post to you, it really all depends on the objective of joining a frequent flyer programme. There is no one-size-fits-all. The airlines like you to think it is because customer passivity works out well for them.

The following questions should be able to assist you in choosing an appropriate programme:

  • Do I fly mainly on domestic or internationally?
  • How often do I fly?
  • Do I fly in First, Business, Premium Economy or Economy?
  • Is my budget such that I will always choose the cheapest flight?
  • Am I already earning miles/points through supermarkets, credit cards, etc.? 
  • What do I intend to use the miles/points earned? Or am I interested in hitting a higher status to be able to use the lounge?

The key in all this is critical mass and being able to target your travel and spend towards hitting that level of critical mass.


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Agree with all the comments TRB made


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Answers as follows:

. Both

.Between six to twelve times a year

. Eco but biz when I have enough points or money

. Yes, but see above

. Yes

. Upgrades 


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If you want points upgrades on QF metal you will need to stick with QFF.

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